Taxes and tax planning

Looking for help with taxes?

We’ve pulled together our best information, tools, and resources to help you plan ahead, understand tax-smart strategies, and get ready to file.

Tax planning

Tax planning involves looking at your financial plan, portfolio, and overall situation from a tax perspective—ideally, on a year-round basis. The purpose is to help you avoid unnecessary taxes—so you can keep more of your earnings.

Good tax planning can help all the pieces of your financial plan work together for the best possible tax outcome, based on your specific goals, current tax rules Tooltip , and your tax filing status Tooltip . It can also help you

Get all the deductions and credits you qualify for
Avoid costly filing mistakes
Make proactive, tax-smart decisions all year long
Take advantage of tax-smart strategies when they make sense for you

Type of taxes

Tax basics

Which income types are taxable—and which might not be? And what should you know about deductions and credits? We’ll help you with these key topics and more.

Investment income taxes

Use the money in your 529 for a wide range of college expenses at accredited schools nationwide in addition to tuition expenses for K-12, certain apprenticeship costs, and student loan repayments.1

Tax-smart strategies

Learn about tax-smart strategies, including when to use tax-advantaged vs. taxable accounts, how to manage taxes on investments, and how to time your retirement withdrawals.

Tax-time resources

Need information to plan or file your taxes? Here you’ll find links to Guaranteed Investments Limited tax forms, important tax changes for this year, and tips for making tax time a little smoother.